Welcome to the first show as part of the Set The Tape podcast network... Cinema Obscura.

Hosted by Tony Black, co-editor/co-creator of Set The Tape, Cinema Obscura's mission statement is to examine "cool, cult and classic cinema", and hopefully along the way shed new light on your favorite movies while exploring hidden gems.

Joined by different guests every episode, Tony will focus on one movie each episode, digging into the production, the story, characters and behind the scenes tales.

In this first episode, Tony is joined by Mike White, esteemed film scholar and host of the fantastic The Projection Booth podcast, to discuss Steven Spielberg's legendary first motion picture, 1971's Duel .

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Guest Co-Hosts: Paul Talbot, Greg Klymkiw

We're heading to Falconhurst and looking at the unlikely hit film Mandingo (1975), the book series that informed it and its sequel, and the knock-offs in its wake. Richard Fleischer's film stars Ken Norton as Mede, the titular Mandingo, while James Mason and Perry King are the father and son who run Falconhurst, a slave-breeding plantation.

Greg Klymkiw (The Last Supper, Careful) and writer Paul Talbot (Mondo Mandingo: The Falconhurst Books and Films) join Mike to discuss Mandingo, it's sequel Drum, and several other sordid slavery-themed films (including the remarkable Addio Zio Tom).

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"Addio Zio Tom" - Riz Ortolani



Special Guests: Timothy Harris, Ebbe Roe Smith, Joel Schumacher
Guest Co-Hosts: Jamey Duvall, Aaron Peterson

We're discussing the 1993 film from Joel Schumacher, Falling Down. Written by , the film stars Michael Douglas as a white guy who's wound a little too tight and finally snaps.

Aaron Peterson and Jamey Duvall join Mike on an episode that's not for libtards, snowflakes, or cucks.

The episode features interviews with director Joel Schumacher, writer Ebbe Roe Smith, and producer Timothy Harris.

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"Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt" - Yellowman
"Man on the Edge" - Iron Maiden
"Car Wash" - Rose Royce
"Vigilante" - Front Line Assembly


Special Guest: James Ellroy
Guest Co-Hosts: Richard Edwards, Eric Cohen

Eric Cohen and Richard Edwards return to take a ride in a convertible time machine, be-bopping back to the year 1997 to look at Curtis Hanson's L.A. Confidential. Starring more folks from down under than you can shake a boomerang at, this jazzy flick plays with many classic noir tropes while playing fast and loose with the third book of James Ellroy's first L.A. Quartet.

We examine how Hanson and co-writer masterfully condensed Ellroy's compelling and complicated story to craft a Neo-Noir that some rank among the best. The film features dazzling performances from "newcomers" Russell Crowe and Guy Pearce.

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"Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate the Positive" - Johnny Mercer
"Bloody Christmas" - Jerry Goldsmith



Guest Co-Hosts: Richard Edwards, Eric Cohen

Written and directed by John Huston in his directorial debut, The Maltese Falcon (1941) stars Humphrey Bogart as gumshoe Sam Spade who unravels the mystery of the titular black bird.

Eric Cohen and Richard Edwards join Mike to discuss the original story, the two other film adaptations of The Maltese Falcon, and the 1975 sequel.

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"Main Title - The Maltese Falcon" - The Global Stage Orchestra
"The Maltese Falcon" - Warner Chappell Productions


Special Guests: Max Allan Collins
Guest Co-Hosts: Kevin Heffernan, Andrew Nette

Based on the 1952 novel, Robert Aldrich's Kiss Me Deadly (1955) stars Ralph Meeker as Mike Hammer, a hard-boiled gumshoe who gets dragged into a mystery involving a glowing case, duplicitous dames, and two-fisted violence.

Max Allan Collins, director of Mike Hammer's Mickey Spillane, talks about his career and working on Mickey Spillane's posthumous work.

Writer Andrew Nette and Professor Kevin Heffernan join Mike to discuss paranoia, the cold war, and much more.

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"Kiss Me Deadly" - Generation X
"Kiss Me Deadly" - Thee Jenerators


Special Guests: Tony Lee Moral, Tippi Hedren
Guest Co-Hosts: Tania Modleski, Susan White

How do you solve a problem like Marnie?

Released in 1964, Alfred Hitchcock's Marnie stars Tippi Hedren as the titular heroine -- or perhaps anti-heroine -- an itinerant thief who gets caught and essentially blackmailed into marriage with Mark (Sean Connery) who thinks that Marnie is broken and takes it upon himself to "fix" her, diving deep into her childhood trauma.

Tania Modleski (The Women Who Knew Too Much: Hitchcock and Feminist Theory and Susan White (The Cinema of Max Ophuls) join Mike to unravel the red-tinged mystery of the film.

Author and filmmaker Tony Lee Moral (Hitchcock and the Making of Marnie) and Tippi Hedren (Tippi: A Memoir) discuss the behind-the-scenes of the contentious production.

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Marnie Soundtrack - Bernard Herrmann
"Marnie" - Robert Schwimmer
"Marnie" - Nat King Cole



Special Guests: Rudy Wurlitzer, David Wolf, Paul Seydor
Guest Co-Hosts: David Lambert, Mike Faloon

Released in 1973 in a truncated form, Sam Peckinpah’s Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid has had a long, contentious history. We’ll be talking about that as well as the film itself in which Kris Kristofferson plays the titular Billy the Kid. He’s the friend and eventual enemy of James Coburn as Pat Garrett. The film stars a host of familiar faces and character actors with this speaking to the passing of the torch from one generation of Westerns to the next... Or perhaps snuffing that flame.

Author Mike Faloon and artist David Lambert join Mike discuss Peckinpah's film. Interviews include screenwriter (Two Lane Blacktop), Bob Dylan scholar David Wolf, and author/editor Paul Seydor (The Authentic Death and Contentious Afterlife of Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid: The Untold Story of Peckinpah's Last Western Film).

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